5. Downloads software's use

  If you download the software from the home station, when uses the software must observe in the software permission agreement which this software supplements all permission provision. Before you read and accepts the software permission agreement each provision, do not download or install this software. If in the suitable permission provision either the agreement, already forbade to duplicate or to distribute these softwares again, you must obey the execution.
6. Link third party website

  To third-party web site links only as a convenient service to you. If you use these links, you will leave this site. XUNWEI did not review the hearing of any third-party website, the content of these websites and not to control, without liability. If you decide to visit any third-party web site links, and its possible results and risks borne by your own.

7. The limits of duty

  XUNWEI and the supplier or the home station mentioned the third party does not undertake the responsibility to any harm (including, but limited to does not occur based on any reason profit loss, data missing, indirect loss, incidental loss or discontinuance of business create harm), regardless of these harm the information which because with the home station whether to use, or cannot use the home station the result, to link in any website which or any this kind of website contains to cause, also, no matter they whether to have the guarantee, the contract, the abuse of authority or any other legal basis as well as obtained the advice which in anticipation this kind of harm possibly occurred. If you as a result of use the home station the information to cause to need carry on the maintenance, the repair or the correction for the equipment either the data, you must bear all expenses which from this voluntarily creates.

  XUNWEI when has the following situation does not undertake the responsibility:
1. The information transmission is not initiates by the network service provider person (XUNWEI and authorized side );
2. The information transmission, the route, provide the connection and the memory are realize through the essential automatic technology treating processes, information not after network service provider choice ;
3. Besides makes the automatic response to other people request, the network service provider has not chosen these information the tenderer and the receive ;
4. The network service provider's system either network intermediary or temporariness canned data form the duplicate, in the normal condition, the receive outside person who is scheduled has not been obtained, the retention time has not excelled in for the predetermined receive obtains the information provides the transmission, the route or the connection must the reasonable time; 5. Through the system or the content of information transmitted over the network intact。

  If in the suitable legal scope, does not allow to remove either the limit supplementary or the indirect loss, then these limits or the elimination provision are not possibly suitable for you 。
8. Principle of equality XUNWEI possibly momentarily revises these provisions. You should visit this page to understand the current provision frequently, because these provisions are closely related with you. These provision's certain articles also possibly the legal circular which or the provision on certain pages is assigned explicitly by the home station in substitute, you should understand these contents, once accepts this provision, namely means you already at the same time in detail to read and accepts these to quote or the substitution provision 。 9. Because this announcement or uses the dispute which this website occurs to be suitable the People's Republic of China law. 10. Because this announcement or uses this website to have the dispute, must the negotiated settlement, the consultation be inadequate, all quarters common consent solves by Chengdu High and new zone court litigation.
Related Legal Notices

Attention: Before using this website, to invite your by all means must careful reading following provision. Once uses this website to indicate that you have known perfectly well and accept these provisions. If does not accept these provisions please not to use this website.

1. Website use

  In xunwei website content ,Only supplies you, but non-commercial use use.The copyright which and other property rights contains regarding the content in stated that you should give to respect and the legitimate use.If the website content non-right stated that does not enjoy the right on behalf of the website to it, also does not mean that the website does not advocate the right, you should respect this and so on content legitimate rights and interests according to the good faith principle and carry on the legitimate use.You cannot any way revise, the duplication, the public demonstration, the announcement either distribute these materials or use in by other ways them any public or the business objective.Forbids to use in by any goal these materials other any website either other plane media or the network computer environment .Forms and so on home station content and editor receive legal protections and so on copyright law, any without authorization uses this website material the behavior possibly to constitute for the copyright and other legal right infringement.In this website and the related link website uses the trademark which, the service trademark and marking and demonstrated is XUNWEI and other obligee registration and the registration related trademark. You use or contact this and so on website any contents, cannot explain to award you any use related trademark the right.Without the written sanction, you cannot beforehand any way use XUNWEI's trademark.If you do not accept or violate the above agreement, you will use the home station the authorization to terminate automatically, simultaneously you should destroy immediately any have downloaded or print the good home station content.

2.Information issue

  The home station information provides according to the original design, does not attach any form the guarantee, including the merchantability, suits in the specific goal, does not have the computer virus or does not encroach upon the intellectual property rights the guarantee .In addition, XUNWEI does not guarantee the home station information the accuracy, the sufficiency, the reliability and the integrity.In the XUNWEI website's content or the product which, the service, the price and the disposition introduced in these contents and so on will change momentarily, further notice .In home station content also possibly already expired, XUNWEI did not pledge that carries on the renewal promptly to these contents.The home station issued information need more understandings, may to the local XUNWEI service contact person and the business agent consultation .If in the suitable legal scope, forbids or the limit elimination suggestion guarantee explicitly, then this kind of nature's elimination provision is not possibly suitable to you.

3.About user submission information

  Eliminates the individual identification information, other any you will transmit either the mail for the home station material, the information or the contact method will regard as the non-security and non-appropriation. XUNWEI will not undertake any duty to these information.Simultaneously if your submission behavior does not have specially time the statement, may regard as the agreement (or authorization):Because XUNWEI and the authorization may commercial or the non-commercial goal free duplication, the disclosure, the distribution, the merge and use these information and all data, the image, the sound, the text and other contents by other ways .To the home station use the no violation whatsoever will permitted laws and regulations and the public morals, do not to either mail or transmit any illegal, the threat, the slander from the home station, to stab, obscene, the pornography, to endanger the country and/either the public security or other possible illegal materials .If is related the person regarding this information the content and the influence proposed that really has the evidence warning or the objection, the home station may momentarily delete this and so on information or infinite when stops this information on-line browsing, but does not need to obtain the submission agreement beforehand, also does not have the duty to inform the submission afterward, the situation is serious, the home station may adopt logging out this user the measure.You will submit for XUNWEI use in the receive product either the service individual identification information will defer to the XUNWEI's privacy protection clause to carry on the use or to process.

4.User exchange content

   XUNWEI is not responsible to monitor either the examination user transmits in any domain information which in the home station or the mail information or alone exchanges, including, but not limited to conversation room, notice board or other user forum as well as any exchange content.XUNWEI does not undertake any responsibility to the related any this kind of exchange's content, regardless of they whether to cause the slander, the privacy, obscene or other aspect question. News Vyborg keeps when the discovery deletes this kind of information or contains other bad contents the information right.